PDH Solutions

Welcome to PDH Solutions

PDH Solutions is a cutting edge consulting company that is dedicated to supporting our clients in an ever-changing market place. PDH Solutions will help you achieve your objectives whether you are a small business  or a corporation. We tailor our services to suit you. Service and reliability are the hallmark of our successful organization. We provide a range of consulting services to help you start or expand your company. PDH Solutions was formed in 2008 and is currently headquartered in Birmingham, AL.
















Services Provided:

Business Plan & Presentation Development

Not sure how to develop your business plan or what investors look for in it? we can help guide you through the process with experienced professionals.


Project Funding Consultation

Are you looking to fund your need project, but cannot get the funds?We can help by putting you incontact with the investors who can write the check. Funding starts from $100k to $1M and above.


Technical Services

We provide the following services for technical services with more to come.

  • Iphone/ Java Apps
  • Web-based Security
  • Web Promotion




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